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Microbiologically Safe

The bi-flux™ system is microbiologically safe. Frequent and methodical laboratory tests are carried out in accordance with the legislation in force to ensure constant safety.

The whole cartridge production is 100% sterilized.

The microbial quality of the water is tested at 72° and at 99° for 72 hours, as indicated in Legislative Decree no. 31 on February 2, 2002 and European Directive 98/83/EC.
LAICA constantly carries out microbiological analyses in accordance with the indicated method, in order to guarantee the safety of the filtered water.


The bi-flux™ system guarantees effective bacteriostatic protection, thanks to silver.
Silver is treated by LAICA bi-flux™ in safety and conformity with the guidelines indicated by WHO.


In order to avoid bacterial growth, tap water is treated with chlorine. Some residues of organic molecules combined with this disinfectant give rise to chemical substances deriving from chlorine, trihalomethanes that are highly harmful to the human organism.
The bi-flux™ system guarantees bacterio-staticity, thanks to silver, which is not harmful and at the same time effectively reduces chlorine and its derivatives. A number of epidemiological studies and pharmacological evaluations recorded by WHO indicate that silver is well tolerated and creates no risk for human health up to assumed values of 0.1 mg/litre.

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